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FairFly by the numbers

Here’s some recent performance data from December 2018

The average saving FairFly found for bookings
Percentage of air spend savings FairFly delivered
FairFly’s record saving on a single PNR

We’re GDS agnostic

FairFly works with and has direct connections with all major GDSs. This means that all major and regional airlines and O&D combinations are covered by our proprietary 24/7 tracking and auditing technology.

Truly global

FairFly has the ability to track any of the millions of PNRs generated every hour across the world. Our fare auditing tools continuously scan for price recommendations and provide insights into airline pricing behavior. We already work with globally active multinationals to provide them with transparency in their travel program.

Beyond customizable

At FairFly, we know that every company is different. That’s why our tools are the most customizable in the industry; travel policy rules, re-booking policies, savings thresholds, alternative flight combinations. We can incorporate them all and more. To make sure you get the best options for your business.

A partner, not just a supplier

Fare Tracking can save you up to 4% of your annual air spend and is just the tip of the iceberg. FairFly aims to be a strategic partner with aligned objectives and an interest in delivering savings and transparency for your end-to-end corporate travel program.

Make sure you’re not leaving money on the table

Flight prices fluctuate on average, 90 times from filing to departure and sometimes up to 7 times in one day. Our Fare Tracking tools give your TMC the information to re-book where it makes business sense so you can get a fair, transparent price.