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Have you heard? HotelSaver is here!

Hotel Check-out

Realize Maximum and Most Suitable Savings

With HotelSaver, you are in the driver’s seat. 

Flexible configurations give you complete control over which savings are appropriate for your business and suit your unique travel program.

Choose Like-for-Like rebooking or allow flexibility on rebooking parameters and tailor HotelSaver to find even more savings. 

Zero Disruption for Your Travelers

HotelSaver tracks price drops on identical itineraries and comparable rooms, so your travelers will have precisely the hotel stays as planned.

Increase Confidence

Adding price assurance to your approved channels builds higher confidence in your program, so travelers will not shop elsewhere.

Enforce Your Policy

Make reservations out of policy a thing of the past. HotelSaver can automatically rebook to policy confirm room types.

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Net Savings for Peace of Mind

Before rebooking, HotelSaver factors in all fees to calculate net savings, guaranteeing rebooking always pays off for you.

Seamless, Quick Integration

Be up and running with HotelSaver within days and not months. We easily integrate with your travel technology and keep all your travel data secure.

Hotel Saver Performance Breakdown

Gain Visibility and Control

HotelSaver’s intuitive and real-time dashboard gives you a clear view of your savings program.

See how reported saving opportunities turned into realized savings each month, which hotel chains contributed the most, what savings percentage was reached per chain, and where on the globe you had your top savings.