The ultimate way to ‘close the wellness loop’

Quantitative data points are the best foundation to any traveler wellness program but the addition of real-time employee feedback ensures that disruption is dynamically and appropriately weighted based on perceived importance to your team.

Additionally, direct feedback from your travelers describing their pain points means you can dig into any frequently seen or person-specific issues that you can provision for.


Dynamic weighting

Months of research both in the field and academic; FairFly have developed a way to weight the relative importance and impactfulness of disruption felt by travelers. Our model becomes the baseline for the deep learning that occurs when your travelers begin providing actual feedback to our systems.

There is no one-size-fits-all so we ensure that what matters to your employees is what gets highlighted to you as a stressor for physical and mental health while traveling.

It could be that due to flight options from your local airports, weekend travel causes the most disruption to the family lives of your team. It could be that given your maturity as a business there are many parents in your organization.

We show you what matters to your team.

The human element

Sometimes there is no substitute for the human element.

Collecting feedback allows you and your Human Resource colleagues real-time information on your road-warriors mental and physical well-being. No technology can be substituted to ask the question, “How are you feeling?”, or “What can we do to help?”

Based on the insights provided by FairFly Wellness, you’re able to ask the right questions at the right time.

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