Traveler Wellness Score
for Teams

Identify well-being trends within your organizations by using our inbuilt filters that slice and dice by department and base country.

Using aggregate scoring, Travel Managers and Human Resource professionals are able to see the impacts of policy decisions and which segments of your organization are most impacted by the changes made.

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Organizational & Departmental Traveler Wellness Score™

A new era in traveler wellness

Setting the industry benchmark for wellness insights means you can blend and correlate quantitative wellness markers with qualitative feedback

– Weekends away from home as a major disruption to personal relationships and family life

– Last-minute flights can put pressure on families for childcare

– Frequent delays mean lives are often put on hold

– Trip congestion means that life admin often gets missed or deprioritised

Numerical data can highlight the areas where business travel impacts your most important asset the most allowing you to speak to your staff and close the feedback loop on policy decisions.

Easy implementation

We know that traveler well-being is your top priority so providing an effective, easy to implement SaaS solution to close this gap is vital.

Well-being can increase compliance

Research by GBTA shows that improved traveler well-being correlates to a higher compliance rate when employees make their travel plans.

Wellness can also be financially positive

Incorporating attrition and productivity losses; FairFly Wellness can be both a force for good and financially net positive.

What impacts your teams most

Travel demands affect people in different ways, FairFly Wellness highlights the most impacted teams and their common travel pain-points.

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