Operational case studies on traveler wellness

Roger’s frequent delays in Zurich

Roger is leading a project in Krakow and regularly flies from the company’s head office in New York via Zurich as this is the lowest logical routing. The second segment is often cancelled as the carrier often uses an older, less reliable plane causing knock-on effects to Roger.

He often spends up to 5 hours in Krakow Airport and is very frequently late to pre-scheduled meetings.

Roger’s travel manager, Sandra, is often notified but with FairFly Wellness she is also advised of potential solutions with financial implications of her decision making:

  • Authorize Roger to book a direct, out-of-policy flight for an average cost increase of $240 per trip.
  • Inform Roger that the company has paid for annual membership to the executive lounge in Zurich at a cost of $180.
  • Recommend that Roger books with an alternate airline that flies a more modern aircraft variant.

Karen’s regular weekends away

Karen has recently undertaken a consulting engagement with a large corporate based in Tel Aviv and now needs to travel from Dallas, USA to Israel on a frequent basis.

Due to her preferred carrier only running seasonal flights as well as a Sunday – Thursday working week in Tel Aviv, three weekends out of four are disrupted with intercontinental travel. Karen knows this is the life of a consultant but is finding it hard to spend quality time with her family.

Karen’s travel manager, Sandra, is alerted to this frequent weekend travel and the FairFly platform programmatically provides recommendations to improve Karen’s overall well-being.

  • Arrange for Karen’s line manager to get involved in managing the engagement on-site commitment.
  • Agree with HR to increase time off in lieu so that she can balance her work-life balance.

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