Traveler Wellness Score;
the new industry benchmark

Pushing the boundaries of travel tech innovation, FairFly has developed the first full-service ‘traveler well-being’ insights tool for travel managers and HR professionals to track traveler wellness.

With this tool in play, stakeholders are able to access immediate insights into which travelers are most at risk of burning out as well as pro-active recommendations to improve the long-term travel experiences of your company.

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Increase retention

Aim to decrease attrition by improving the well-being of your road warriors who are often connected to revenue generation or service delivery.

Improve happiness

Employees that see proactive initiatives to promote traveler wellness despite demanding travel schedules remember when their interests are being looked after.

Avoid productivity losses

Thousands of hours are lost to organizations due to delays, cancellations (and other travel disruptions) that can be mitigated by using FairFly.

Report on the financials

Enjoy and leverage all cultural and financial benefits of your company’s newly improved traveler well-being program.

Key Data Points Used by FairFly to Help Craft Traveler Wellness Scores™

Using dynamic machine learning, here are some of the largest components that FairFly tracks that impact individual Traveler Wellness Scores™

Flight delays

Highlight frequent routes and carriers that impact your travelers most often

Indirect flights

Indirect flights are a root cause of fatigue and loss of productivity


Cancellations create additional stress for the traveler

Trip congestion

Back-to-back trips induce elements of long-term fatigue

Unplanned weekends away

Time away from family and responsibilities is a major stress factor

Middle seats

Long-haul middle seats on a frequent basis quickly becomes a pain point

Long layovers

Long layovers cause extra stress especially when avoidable

Flight quality

Higher pressurized cabins with better lighting improve overall travel well-being

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