FairFly Wellness

Increasing retention, happiness, productivity and assuring the well-being of your traveling colleagues

FairFly Wellness Negotiated Fares Analysis Insights Wellness Both

Traveler Wellbeing Score™

Fulfill your duty of care

Monitor travel quality and the impacts it has on health and well-being across your company, by department, and down to each individual traveler

Improve traveler experience

Identify causes of attrition, impacts of fatigue on productivity and react faster to improve traveler experience across the company and by department

Go granular

Get early warnings about particular ‘at risk’ travelers to improve travel quality before it becomes an issue

Financial impact of travel quality

Report on net financial costs

Model productivity loss due to unfavourable routes with higher amounts of delays and recommend alternatives

Identify at risk travelers, reduce employee attrition and subsequent recruitment costs

Pro-actively negotiate lounge access at high delay airports

Route quality and opportunity cost

FairFly Wellness Negotiated Fares Analysis Insights Wellness

Route benchmarking

Benchmark your high-traffic routes for quality and price

Switch to better alternatives for win-wins

Improve traveler experience and save on costs