Policy Insights

Evaluate non-compliance with context-rich dashboards and reporting.

Cabin Class Compliance

Are your travelers following your Cabin Class Travel policy?

Flight tickets booked out of policy can cost your business dearly.

FairFly’s Policy Insights tool monitors cabin class policy compliance based on your criteria set and calculates the costs associated with non-compliance.

Get an easy understanding of which PNRs are booked out of policy.

  • Give your advance purchase policy a reality check with reliable real-time data.
  • Break down non-compliant air spend by cabin class or haul type.
  • Stay in control and put a figure on non-compliance costs.

Advanced Purchase Compliance

How much do bookings outside your Advanced Purchase Policy cost you?

Program-wide or by point-of-sale, you can now see the exact impact of non-compliance with your advance purchase policies.

Get the data to identify your travelers’ optimal advance purchase window.

  • Ensure data driven airline negotiations
  • Make sure negotiated fares are booked
  • View discounted fare availabilities
  • Proactively address issues with your preferred airlines

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