Tracking unused tickets

Real-time reporting and accurate insights into how much money you can claim back from unused tickets awaiting refunds

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Unlock visibility into unused, unflown and unrefunded airline tickets

FairFly’s Unused Ticket Tracker unlocks the full view of your unused, unflown, and unrefunded tickets, making it easier to get actionable insights to request refunds through your TMC or directly to airline suppliers. FairFly is able to keep track of every single unflown ticket providing a current status report in a real-time view.

Reconciling spreadsheets and raw data are a thing of the past to ensure that your money ends up back where it belongs; back in your travel budget. The FairFly Insights module helps unlock key roadblocks to your travel budget and policy decisions.

Working side-by-side with your existing TMC and using machine learning technology to ensure we add value to basic GDS reporting, FairFly is able to:

  • Reduce the amount of manual work spent cross-checking spreadsheets manually
  • Provide a deeper level of reporting than available using the GDS
  • Track for longer and with more detail than your airline suppliers
  • Ensure all eligible refunds are highlighted for immediate refund
Unused Ticket Screenshot

Revealing hidden refund opportunities

For three of our top clients, we’ve used our access to additional GDS data to find large numbers of refundable airline tickets


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