Negotiating fares with airlines

Are my negotiated fares competitive?

Compare any origin and departure to see how negotiated fares are performing against publicly available fares on the same route. FairFly arms you with insights to rebalance the negotiation at your next commercial meeting with your preferred carriers.

New routes to negotiate

FairFly gives you an intuitive heatmap to prioritize which routes you should take to the negotiating table. Which should you push harder for a new negotiated fare. No time is wasted in seeing where you should put your efforts to maximize the impacts of your next deal.

Are my negotiated fares available when my travelers need them?

FairFly immediate flags any routes where your negotiated fares are not available during the booking process. Jump into action with your TMC and airlines to resolve any availability issues at the first sign of trouble.

Do you know how often public fares undercut your negotiated fares?

Granular breakdown provided by FairFly shows exactly which routes are being undercut by publicly available fares over any time period on any route.