Managing COVID-19 Air Fare Refunds

Managing traveler well-being, safety and repatriation during this kind of global event is an operational challenge. While flights are grounded there’s a financial aspect to consider. FairFly gives you access to insights that allow you to maximize airline refunds, to recover your budget and report back improved liquidity to your finance team.

Future flights and evolving risk

Gain a solid understanding of all upcoming flights your company has booked based on destination state, country and more as global travel policies and travel risks constantly change.

Historical net-refund position

Report your historical net-refund position on cancelled flights to your finance team. Understand which players charge the highest fees and at which points of sale. Use FairFly to plan sensibly with a newly reclaimed budget.

Recovering spend, future refunds

Prioritize future refunds by ensuring the most impactful cancellations occur first. Filter by urgency, price, or destination to maximize your net-refund position. Get a high level overview of exactly what you should be saving.

Recovering change fees via waivers

Identify exactly where to recover previously committed change fees by highlighting opportunities for waivers and work with your TMC to reclaim these amounts to your travel budget.

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