From white-label to marketplace partnerships

FairFly has a comprehensive partnership network to enable TMCs to provide best-in-class price assurance to customers as part of their core product offering. Using existing API set’s and full GDS integrations; technical implementation and billing set-up is very fast following a commercial agreement.

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FairFly introduces AutoMCO, a digital solution to fully automate the processing of miscellaneous charge orders, eliminating labor-intensive work for TMCs

Simple commercial terms

FairFly understands the importance of getting price assurance deployed quickly in a climate where customers expect next-generation delivery beyond the void window, this is why we keep our commercial TMC price saving agreements as straightforward as possible.

Multiple delivery models

FairFly can scale up depending on your needs. Whether you are looking for a back-end technical implementation, or a full-service provider with second- and third-line support, we are here to support your business model.

White-label or marketplace

Just as our core values espouse transparency, we’re able to present ourselves as part of a third-party supplier marketplace or if you’d prefer a white-label option, we can power your own price assurance product direct to your customers.

First-class support

Our passion is providing value using travel data. Whether the value chain extends through TMCs to end-user corporates it doesn’t matter. Our customer success, account management, and technical account management teams are here to support everyone in the value chain in harnessing our TMC price saving software.