The Next Generation in Price Assurance & Fare Auditing

Access total assurance that your company is never paying more than the fair market price for your business travel; capitalize on fluctuations and realize significant savings on your air spend by incorporating FairFly’s fare audit into your TMC.

  • Proprietary scanning algorithms
  • Powered by best-in-class analytics modeling
  • Simple and quick implementation with zero disruption
  • Automated fare auditing and rebooking options
  • Customized parameters to match your program
  • Covers flights globally in all major markets

Reduce corporate travel air spend with FairFly’s fare auditing tool: FareSaver

See how one multinational pharmaceutical saved over $1.1 million using FairFly

Learn how one of our customers achieved incredible savings with zero disruption to their travelers using our best-in-class fare audit.

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Plug-and-Play With Your Existing TMC

Built from the ground up to integrate with any technology partner, FairFly takes pride in simplicity and speed of deployment.

Proprietary Machine Learning

Advanced deep-learning algorithms are at the core of FairFly technology. Analysis of billions of data points is one of the reasons why FairFly’s airline fair auditing provides industry-leading savings.

Typical ROI of around 3:1

Our clients typically see a 3:1 – 5:1 ROI using FairFly’s FareSaver – this delivers a business case right out the gate.

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