Save up to 4% of your corporate travel air spend

Proprietary machine learning and predictive analytics

Advanced machine learning at the core of FairFly Faresaver means that the billions of data points we capture provide us with industry leading savings of around four percent of annual air spend.

Plug-and-play with your existing TMC

There are a few things which we pride ourselves on, one key aspect is our ease of implementation. You’re implementing a new online booking tool, you’re negotiating with airlines… FairFly can be reshopping your PNRs in days with only a couple of hours from you to set the configuration for your organization.

Duplicate e-ticket alerts

FairFly Faresaver reveals and alerts your TMC immediately when duplicate e-tickets are issued so they can be voided before the costs are accrued.

Typical ROI of around 3:1

Implementing FairFly is very resource light from your side. We’ve already set up our requeuing integrations with the GDSs and have billing relationships with many TMCs, which means even including the few hours needed from you to configure the system you’ll get a true ROI of around 3:1.