Reduce Net Air Spend by 4%

Capitalize on continuously fluctuating prices for ultimate price assurance

Fares fluctuate up to 100 times between publication and departure. FairFly’s FareSaver is plugged straight into your ecosystem and can automatically begin searching for price drops almost immediately – making sure that your company is always getting the best fares. 

FACT: We typically reduce our client’s air spend by around 3.95% with zero disruption to the traveler.

Optimal Advance Purchase Policy

Your Insights: Your Rules

FairFly ensures that your travel management team has all the facts before defining or updating your company travel policy. Using FairFly you will be able to quickly assess the most optimal time for your company to make business travel arrangements.

The Right Tools to Save Even More

FairFly’s FareSaver gives immediate and granular visibility to those responsible for your company travel policy and delivers ‘hero data’ helping you understand exactly all financial implications.

Is the lowest logical fare always the cheapest.

ALL Costs Accounted For

In many cases, corporate travel policies do not take into account all fees and taxes. With the high cost of cancellations, and ticket changes, and with total costs in mind-  higher-cost, more flexible fares are often the least expensive option overall. FairFly insights give a breakdown of when and where total costs should factor in, and what fares should be booked.