A Global & Scalable Solution

Available globally for all YOUR customers:

  • Wherever they are billed

  • Whatever points-of-sale they might have

  • Whichever carriers or GDS they use/ prefer

FairFly can match your set-up perfectly to provide complete price assurance and a seamless rebooking experience as part of your core business travel offering.

A Passion for Support

Whether or not the FairFly brand is exposed to your customers we still want them to derive the most amount of value from our corporate travel solutions. Our comprehensive training and documentation, as well as guidance on best practice rollout, means a seamless evolution to your program delivery.

Granular Customer Level Reporting

Monitor your customer performance and give your account managers tools to more effectively advise and provide input to your customer travel programs and corporate operations. Highlight opportunities and talk through policy changes armed with additional insights available via FairFly’s travel management dashboards.

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