We’re flexible so your budget doesn’t have to be

Fixed pricing

Fixed monthly fee based on expected volume

Manage budgets and expenditure forecasting easily

Easy billing structure and procurement approval

Better for financial planning

Can increase

FairFly ROI

Success pricing

Commission based fee based on savings found

Further aligns FairFly’s objectives with yours

Savings scale directly in proportion to commission

Mitigate risk if flight volumes fluctuate month-to-month

ROI can be accurately forecast and demonstrated to financial team


Decentralize billing to when PNRs are sent to FairFly

Enable the costs to be moved into the booking process rather than a monthly invoice

Easily activate FairFly products in the middle of the budget year

Make sure you’re not leaving money on the table

Flight prices fluctuate on average, 90 times from filing to departure and sometimes up to 7 times in one day. Our Fare Tracking tools give your TMC the information to re-book where it makes business sense so you can get a fair, transparent price.