The world of travel is constantly changing. From fluctuating prices to changing travel restrictions, travel tracking has become crucial. It is not enough to just track the prices to get the best deal. It is also crucial to track which flights are typically on time versus those that are delayed, especially for business travelers. In the current climate, you also have to track testing and quarantine requirements.

The good news for anyone coordinating travel for businesses is that there are plenty of business travel tracking tools to help you keep tabs of everything you need to know in order to book travel – from interactive world maps to TMC tracking. Here we will highlight 4 essential tools (and some extras) that need your immediate attention:

1) International Air Transport Association Interactive World Map

No matter where in the world your business team is traveling, then this interactive world map is crucial. It is an interactive world map that shows you the various COVID entry requirements for every country. You can also see what documentation you need to travel to each destination. The travel restrictions also include specific information based on residency and citizenship.

You can count on the map being accurate, as it updates 200 times every single day. Find it here.

2) American Airlines and United Airlines Tools

You should also be using the travel tracking tools for any airline that you fly –  even occasionally. America Airlines and United Airlines both have updated trackers.

The American Airlines solution lets you check travel restrictions and guidelines. You just enter a destination and see guideline information. You will also see requirements, including quarantines, documentations, and face masks.

The United Airlines tool features an interactive map with similar information. There is also a detailed Destination Travel Guide with more information. It is conveniently color-coded so you can tell at a glance whether travel to the country is open.

3) Airport Council International World Map

This travel tracking tool from the Airport Council International lets you easily track information about the airports your team is flying through. You can see what health measures each airport is enforcing. The only caveat is that it is currently only available for Apple devices with a web portal in development. Find it here.

4) Travelport Airline Health and Safety Tracker

This solution from Travelport is great for corporate travel. It is free and shows information related to health and safety. You get to see information on over 80 airlines, conveniently divided by region. You can also see safety information from rental car companies and hotel chains. Find it here.

Bonus: Amtrak Train Fullness Website and Mobile App

If you travel by train as well as plane, then this Amtrak tool is crucial. It lets you see how full the train you are riding on is, giving you an idea of how easy it will be to social distance. Keep in mind that Amtrak is limiting seats on the trains. This means that the percent it shows is based on how many seats are offered, not how many are on the train. Learn more here.

Bonus: American Express Global Business Travel—Travel Vitals

This is another corporate travel tracker. It lets you search for travel guidelines. You can search for hotel chains, ground transportation providers, airports, airlines, destinations, and train operators. Find it here.

Bonus: FairFly FareSaver

FairFly FareSaver is a convenient tool to track fares and help you get the best price on corporate travel- it is the very best of business travel tracking technology (if we do say so ourselves) and offers a complete system for airfare price tracking. The system tracks flight prices, helping businesses find the best price for any route. Conveniently, this tool continues to scan for a better deal after you book, then gives you the savings without changing anything but the cost.

For the best corporate travel experience, remember to supplement these new health and safety trackers with the trackers you have traditionally used. Concerns about vaccination requirements and quarantines simply added another layer to the complexities of finding the best fares. They did not eliminate them.

With the right trackers and health and safety measures, your company should not have issues adapting to the changing landscape of corporate travel. It is possible to keep your team safe without going over your travel budget.