Best travel data analytics for travel managers

1. FairFly Insights

Designed from the ground up using FairFly’s access to unique business travel data. Consider FairFly Insights as your personal Consulting-as-as-Service platform, to uncover actionable insights for all parts of a travel program. For travel managers who wish to cut travel costs, use insights to empower their airfare negotiating position. The most advanced features use data the model travel policy and compliance alternatives to provide the financial implications of lowest logical or advance purchase policies.

2. Advito

BCD Travel’s consulting arm, Advito, focuses on improving program efficiency, cost-effectiveness and corporate traveler experience. Advito’s intelligence and analytics practice. Advito has a long and distinguished history as a travel program consultancy that looks at consulting engagements from a holistic perspective.

3. PredictX

Simplifying and aggregating business travel and expense data in one place, PredictX Travel aims to provide a fuller view of your travel program costs. Bringing expenses outside of agency systems from multiple verticals leads to better decision making in the PredictX dashboard.

4. Deloitte

Deloitte Business Travel, as part of one of the world’s largest consulting organizations, focuses on providing clients with a full breadth and data to power risk assessment and compliance-related issues. Drawing on their knowledge and experience with global taxation, Deloitte’s travel analytics dashboard interrogates your data to identify potential compliance risks.

5. TripActions Consulting

Using industry expertise, in-house BI and data analytics technology, TripActions consulting look at providing a traveler-first view of how travel insights should be interpreted. Launched at GBTA 2019, the combination of market data and strategic counsel aims to arm travel managers with improved decision-making ability when it comes to the increased range of supplier differentiated products.