Duty of care


Duty of care in the context of business travel has two main dimensions covering both moral and legal obligations of employers to their traveling employees. A duty of care implies a responsibility to ensure the safety, security and well-being whilst traveling on company business.

Recent case law has ruled that even during ‘off hours’ a duty of care still exists.

While traveling for business both the employers and employees have a duty to act in a reasonable manner to avoid risks of injury or exposure to adverse conditions.

A comprehensive travel policy will provide guidance on booking travel to ensure that only approved airlines, hotels and destinations are used after auditing their standards. It’s also common to require that all business travel is booked using company approved tools – this ensures that itineraries are fully known by travel managers in the event of disruption, natural disasters, and other disturbances.

The corporate culture of an organization is an important component when mitigating risk and the education of a companies workforce can aid in mitigating safety concerns while traveling.

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