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FairFly Faresaver

A premium price assurance solution to guarantee savings and give you confidence that your company is getting the best value airfares.

Make sure you’re not leaving money on the table

Ticket prices fluctuate up to 90 times from filing to departure, sometimes up to 7 times in one day. Our airfare auditing tools give your TMC the information to re-book where it makes business sense so you can get a fair, transparent price.


Save up to 4% on your annual air spend

Completely customizable according to your travelers’ needs. Continuous 24/7 scanning and price auditing means that FairFly’s proprietary technology can deliver savings of over 4% of your total annual air spend.

Optimize your travel policy

Static and uniform corporate travel policies are costing companies more and more each year as airlines seek to unbundle fares. FairFly data insights allow you to adjust your advance purchasing policy, fare class, and pricing restrictions down to the country or even office level in order to maximize your effectiveness as a travel manager.

Use real data in your airline negotiations

FairFly gives you the information when you need it most. Enhance your position when negotiating your corporate fares with your preferred carriers. Find out precisely how exactly your fares stack up when compared to public rates on other airlines and comparable routes.