BCD Travel FairFly Partnership

UTRECHT, The Netherlands,  August 10, 2022 – Travel management company BCD Travel announced today that they will leverage FairFly’s market-leading technology and artificial intelligence to power their Air Price Assurance (APA) solution. With FairFly’s global automated GDS coverage, BCD will be able to offer their APA solution to its entire customer base. The technology will allow BCD to maximize automated savings on air spend for clients.

BCD Air Price Assurance, powered by FairFly, predicts when fare changes will occur and automatically cancels and rebooks tickets at lower rates. The APA solution helps save time and generates savings up to 4.8% of overall air spend with zero disruption to the traveler.

BCD is expanding their strategic multiyear partnership with FairFly which has been available to BCD customers through the SolutionSource® marketplace since 2018. In this time, FairFly’s unique, real-time price monitoring engine has proven to generate substantial savings for BCD customers.

“Automated price assurance is critical to an effective digital booking strategy,” said Yannis Karmis, senior vice president of Product Planning and Development at BCD Travel. “For several years, BCD customers using FairFly re-shopping technology through our partner marketplace have realized substantial savings with no disruption to travelers. We want to pass those savings on to all our customers as a standard offering. With unmatched savings, ease of use, and seamless implementation, we recognize FairFly’s solution as best-in-class and the type of technology we look for when choosing partners to complement our core investments.”

As air prices continue to increase, this partnership is well-positioned to make an immediate, positive impact on customers’ air spend through a quick implementation with no onboarding or maintenance fees, further advancing BCD’s strong reputation for leading the digital transformation of travel management.

“We’ve been vocal about our mission to bring innovative technology to the travel industry that enables business travel managers and TMCs alike,” said Aviel Siman Tov, Founder & CEO of FairFly. “We applaud BCD for its ongoing commitment to empowering its customers and complementing its excellent service and teams with technology. Strong partnerships, the ability to white-label our solutions, and our enterprise-ready, scalable technology are all key to driving change. We look forward to deepening our relationship with BCD and bringing tangible value and outstanding saving results to BCD customers.”

The phased, broad rollout started in the U.S. in the third quarter. Additional countries will go live throughout 2022 and 2023.

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