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FairFly re-imagines travel analytics using best-in-class technologies

Join the next wave of data-driven innovation in the travel industry with FairFly’s travel data analytics and insights. Easy to scale across your travel program, you can now make decision based on hard facts to gain immediate impact. From travel management through to HR and Finance, faster decision making is at your fingertips with tools deployed seamlessly in partnership with your TMC.

Immediate Impact. Lasting Benefits.

FairFly is available for immediate roll-out.

Good Data Leading to Good Decisions

FairFly has access to a unique data set; not just PNRs booked and the associated data but also alternative options. We like to think that we have access to all the roads not traveled.

Proprietary ‘access and scanning’ technology enables FairFly to deliver model opportunity costs and alternative options and provide never before seen analytics and insights. Where once before, you would need to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on custom, long-term data analysis by consulting teams, you now have access to this data in minutes.

Global Data

As FairFly works with and has direct connections with all leading GDSs, we can track all flights globally in all major markets.

Thinking globally is a crucial pillar to success in corporate travel. FairFly scales with your business and provides you with the greatest coverage possible. Travel managers trust us to give them a full view of potential savings and meaningful insights to optimize their operations. We do that by being genuinely global.

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