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Recap: GBTA Europe Conference Berlin

This week, the GBTA Europe Conference in Berlin offered learning and knowledge-sharing opportunities for veterans and novices alike. From interactive sessions to lectures [...]

The Vax/Travel Quagmire

Companies that rely on business travel have dramatically changed their strategies and plans during the COVID-19 pandemic due to the risks. With vaccination efforts [...]

What is airfare price tracking?

Airfare price tracking is also known as price assurance, airfare re-shopping, or fare auditing and is used by corporations to reduce the risk that [...]

Business travel is a competitive advantage

Businesses globally will always seek to improve their position by developing competitive advantages The often-cited example of labor costs connected to offshoring is one [...]

Getting the best corporate airfares?

Book on Wednesday. Book just before midnight.  Shop around to compare airlines.  Book 57 days in advance. There’s no shortage of statistics and advice [...]

Time to rethink a static travel policy?

Static corporate travel policy is deadTimes are changing and traditional, one-size-fits-all corporate travel policies are no longer serving the diverse needs of businesses and their [...]