About us

Since day one, we’ve been driven to provide transparency into the corporate travel world. We’re obsessed with providing travel specialists with tools to empower decision making. FairFly is a place where people can come together and solve problems; we aim to drive change for all of our customers. It’s also why we continue to develop the most advanced analytics engines to simplify the solutions to business travel challenges.

We believe that very soon business travel will be almost entirely data-driven. We also feel that travel professionals will lead the industry and change travel management forever. A global, independent travel ERP will mean that procurement professionals, travel managers, finance directors and human resource leaders will have the platform to deliver on the promise of change.

The world’s leading companies build better corporate travel programs with FairFly

Humble beginnings…

FairFly began as a simple idea – to provide insights into flight costs after booking. FairFly’s first business travel solution was launched in 2017 and quickly gained traction with an industry yelling out for global and integrated airfare price tracking solutions. Over the next few years, the platform and the analytics engine grew to provide solutions that empower airline negotiations, travel policy decisions, managing disruption such as those seen during COVID-19, as well as managing unused tickets and refunds.

Having raised a total of $17 million, FairFly now serves some of the world’s largest companies, works with all major TMCs, and is able to track over 98% of all business flights booked. Today, FairFly is a recognised leader in business travel insights and airfare price assurance.