About RELX Group

RELX Group is a global provider of information-based analytics and decision tools for professional and business customers. Listed on the London Stock Exchange (LON:REL), the group has a market capitalisation of $43 billion and employs over 33,000 people in 40 countries.

RELX group has a comprehensive global travel program that ensures employees can effectively serve the needs of its customers in more than 180 countries.

Corporate travel at this scale needs to be both effectively managed and cost-effective in order to support business goals.

The Main Challenges

RELX Group sought a solution that could provide both transparency into booking habits and deliver an enhanced level of corporate travel analytics. As a result, RELX chose FairFly’s airfare tracking module and and insights suite due to FairFly’s ability to integrate and generate savings globally as well as provide a consolidated reporting platform.

Reduction in air spend and transparency into booking habits: RELX Group had undertaken efforts to educate its workforce regarding corporate travel and create a unified approach. Even with considerable cultural change, RELX Group were still on the lookout for an innovative and technological solution that would continually search for price reductions both during and after the ticketing void window up until departure.

FairFly’s FareSaver was engaged by RELX due to the assurance that due to volatile airline pricing, lower prices can be found after booking with travelers remaining on the same route, in the same aircraft, and in the same cabin class.

“There’s an opportunity to stop and analyze what we’re doing at the point of booking, why wouldn’t we be using technology to deliver profit?” said Martin Stevens, RELX Group’s Senior Manager Procurement. “We weren’t looking at what was going on between booking and departure. Why wouldn’t we spend three-hundred pounds to save a thousand?

Online booking tools and auto-ticketing made human oversight an additional challenge. “By the time we spot instances where the lowest logical fare isn’t booked – with auto-ticketing – it’s often too late”

The Outcome

In addition to saving 4.6% annually on RELX air spend, FairFly is now working with RELX to enhance and enrich Group travel analytics, and build and deploy additional layers of reporting that could benchmark negotiated fares against those that are publicly available. Using FairFly’s real-time data, RELX is better prepared when negotiating their airline contracts and can highlight sub-standard contracts quickly.

We can now analyze what our airline contracts are delivering and identify whether the airlines are undercutting our corporate fare or whether the public fare is becoming more competitive – we have to understand our contracts and to understand the data in a live environment is invaluable” Said Martin. Looking towards the future with FairFly he commented, “I think it’s going to be very useful for airline negotiations more so than it’s ever been – it provides better data than our TMC”

Unused tickets: RELX Group has a group level consolidated travel procurement so that its business units such as LexisNexis, Cirium, and Reed Exhibitions can all benefit, at scale, from the same technologies. During the COVID-19 pandemic, RELX Group had many refunds and unflown tickets on their books and while a central purchasing account could facilitate many refunds, there are instances where personal cards could be reimbursed directly from airlines. Talking of FairFly’s unused ticketing module, Martin said:

“We seek innovative ideas, and FairFly falls into that. Partnering with best in class technologies like FairFly is a great strategy for our TMC”

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