Case study: Bechtel Achieves 3.7% Airfare Saving on Total Airfare Spend Using Fairfly’s Technology

About Bechtel

Bechtel helps customers deliver modern marvels of engineering and construction that grow economies, improve the world’s infrastructure, expand access to energy and make the earth safer, cleaner and more sustainable. The 122-year-old company has worked in 160 countries and with active projects on multiple continents at any given time, Bechtel requires a comprehensive global travel management program.

Main Challenges

Bechtel chose FairFly’s offerings to gain transparency in tracking the performance of airline suppliers and to reduce airfare costs. FairFly’s airfare repricing technology was integrated across multiple TMCs to secure the lowest fares globally with a seamless rebooking process to avoid disruptions for the traveler.

With the help of FairFly’s front line account managers, a financially focused performance dashboard was developed for Bechtel senior management to demonstrate hard dollar savings.

The Outcome

With FairFly in play, Bechtel achieved an additional 3.7% airfare savings on its total air spend. Project-related travel costs and reimbursable costs to Bechtel customers were also measurably reduced thereby increasing Bechtel’s competitive advantage.

Ongoing development of FairFly Insights will continue to produce analytics and actionable insights that identify potential savings and operational improvements.

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