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FairFly introduces AutoMCO, a digital solution to fully automate the processing of miscellaneous charge orders, eliminating labor-intensive work for TMCs

BCD Travel extends partnership with FairFly to power Air Price Assurance across its global customer base

Trusted by travel managers across the globe

Automated savings. Data-driven decisions.

Fortune 500 companies and leading TMCs rely on Fairfly’s best-in-class air and hotel price tracking to assure best possible fares and rates.

Reduce travel spend

Realize savings without disruptions compromising travelers’ experience.

Unlock unused tickets

Claim back hidden PNR refunds without wading through endless spreadsheets.

Negotiate smarter

Arm yourself with reliable and relevant data and negotiate smarter with your suppliers.

TMC partnerships

We partner with global TMCs to make plugging FairFly in stress-free for you.

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Our Mission

Corporate travelers have always been at the core of what we care about. From minimizing disruption to providing the lowest logical fares and rates, we’re passionate about using price monitoring, automation, and data analytics to improve travel for all.

From reducing air and hotel costs to providing data on contract negotiations, FairFly’s corporate travel price assurance and insight platform is an end-to-end solution for stronger, data-driven corporate travel.

FairFly provides a real-time, simple platform that delivers insights to see how policy decisions impact your travel program. This tool no company should be without offers genuine business travel optimization. These insights help to improve travel policies and corporate negotiated fares, and to maximize usage of unused tickets.

FairFly delivers reshopping tools for air and hotel that are highly customizable, available in real time and provide global coverage.

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